Thursday, July 24, 2008

SUMMER snowflake ice and jumbo squid - photos!

After several attempts I finally made it back to my favorite squid shop to take some photos.

Night shots of the shop:

Fried jumbo squid before / After, bite sized & ready to be served!:

Cute little fried dessert balls:

These were like mini donuts. They were sugar coated, crispy on the outside and soft inside. What a combination!

Although I was quite full I had to take in the famous snowflake ice. I managed to try 2 other flavors this time. I did not get the names so I will try to describe the flavors.

This tasted like a 7-UP (or Sprite) slurpee:

Brown sugar ice with red beans:

The popular green tea with red bean:

All the flavors were great. The 7-UP/Sprite slurpee like ice brought back childhood memories. They used to have 7-UP/Sprite slurpees way back in Canada. Good memories!

The green tea flavor was strong yet not too sweet. Worth a try if you like green tea!

As I walked from the Japanese restaurant to my favorite squid shop I passed a new building. Here is the new & improved Guang Hwa Computer Market (光華商場/Guānghuá Shāng Cháng):

Shop name (店名): SUMMER snowflake ice (夏日雪花冰(光華店))

Address (地址):
No. 2-2, Xinsheng South Road, Sec. 1, Lane 12, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Xīnshēng NánLù, yì Duàn, shíèr Xiàng, èr Hào Zhī èr, Zhōngshān Qū, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): (02) 2394-8328
URL (網址):
Menu (菜單): Chinese
Operation Hours (營業時間): 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Another web site (Mobile01 in Chinese) talking about the fried squid, chicken and other delicious bites:

MRT (捷運/Jiéyùn) Directions:
Take the blue MRT line (Banqiao-Nangang; 板橋站-南港/Bǎnqiáo-Nángǎng) to Zhongxiao Xinsheng station (忠孝新生站/Zhōngxiào-Xīnshēng Zhàn). Take exit 1, turn right, walk a few meters and then take a left. Walk into a small dark lane with DVD signs above. You will soon reach a lane with a lot of food stalls.

Bus services: I took service 505 back home. Only a 10 minute wait and another 10 minute ride. Some other buses that serve the area:

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