Saturday, July 12, 2008

Burger day


I never tried Outback Steakhouse anywhere in the world until yesterday. Last night, I gave Outback a try. I started off with "Aussie-Tizers" or appetizers. There were the 'Fried Calamari" and "Bushman 'Shrooms" (mushrooms). The mushrooms were really juicy even with the fried breading on the outside. I thought it was better than the calamari.

For the burger I tried their "The Mad Max". It was a large burger and sure quenched my craving for a burger. After a satisfying burger I washed it down with a "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under" (brownie with ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream). It looked like a mountain in a bowl! You can see a photo of it in their menu via the web site. Most of their menu is on their web site so check it out. Note, the soft drinks are bottomless (free refills/free flow) even though I did not see it mentioned.

The food was pretty good but I was not satisfied with service. Initially, it was not bad. Later in the evening the server took away my glass to get a refill. The glass did not come back after several minutes. I had to ask a few times before they finally located my missing glass. Maybe someone borrowed it? The issue seemed to lie in the lack of coordination between the staff. On many occasions, several people came by to ask the same question twice. Strange that this happens when there are Dan Ryan's, T.G.I.Fridays & Swenson's all nearby.

Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse

Address (地址):
100 Dunhua North Road, 1st Floor, Taipei City
Dūnhuà Běi Lù, yī bǎi Hào, yī Lóu, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): (02) 8712-8818
URL (網址):
Menu (菜單): English & Chinese

Operation Hours (營業時間): Refer to URL above.

MRT (捷運/Jiéyùn) Directions:
Take the brown MRT line (Muzha line; 木柵站/Mùzhà) to Nanjing E. Rd. Station (南京東路站/Nánjīng Dōnglù Zhàn). Exit and walk east for about 10 minutes towards Dunhua North Road.

The entrance is between Asia-World Shopping Mall (環亞購物廣場) and IKEA.

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