Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot pot & cold cup

Last night was a fun and interesting mix of hot and cold.

Hot pot:
We started off with a very popular Mala Yuanyang Hot Pot (馬辣鴛鴦火鍋). You need to make reservations in advance as the place tends to be fully booked at night. We had a mix of the popular Angus beef (frozen), mutton, seafood (some frozen), cheese balls, noodles and vegetables. The beef was so good we must have ordered 30 dishes! It is buffet style so you "eat until full" (吃到飽 - chī dào bǎo). Have a go at mixing and matching various sauces to dip your food into. They have a variety of sauces to choose from. Drinks (hot & cold) are included. Save room for dessert as they have Häagen Dazs© & MOVENPICK© ice cream, 8 flavors each. You can have the ice cream in a cup or cone! There are also fruits, cakes, jelly and other desserts to choose from. Note there is a 2 hour time limit so plan out your meal carefully. You may feel rather hot while eating but bring a jacket if you like to keep warm as the air-conditioning is very strong. You will feel cold after a few cups of ice cream....brrr!

The restaurant from across the street:

Only managed to take a photo of the beef:

Restaurant: Mala Yuanyang Hot Pot (馬辣鴛鴦火鍋)

Address (地址):
No. 86, Dingzhou Road Sec. 3, Taipei City
Dìngzhōu Lù, sān Duàn, bāshíliù Háo, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): (02) 2365-7625
URL (網址):
Operation Hours (營業時間): n/a

Gongguan Night Market (公館夜市/Gōngguǎn Yè Shì)

MRT (捷運/Jiéyùn) Directions:
Take the green MRT line (Danshui-Xindian line; 淡水/Dànshuǐ - 新店/Xīndiàn) to Gongguan Station (公館站/Gōngguǎn Zhàn). Take Exit 4, walk southwest towards Dingzhou Road. You will see the signboard when you reach the intersection with traffic lights.

Cold cup:
I heard about this place called Dancing Cows Ice Cream. The shop is run by an American and his wife. I was told they served the best green tea ice cream. I had to give it a try (even after having a few bowls of ice cream during dinner) as they open until 11 pm. It was just 1 MRT station away and a 10 minute walk from the dinner venue.

All the ice cream flavors we tried were good. We had green tea, dark beer, Oreo, Coffee & Cheese. Personally, I loved the dark beer...burp! All the flavors tasted like the real thing. If you love ice cream give this a try. You can have your ice cream in a cup or cone. We chose cups...cold cups. It was a nice way to finish the evening. In case you are wondering, the green tea ice cream was really good but my personal favorite is still the best for me.

We tried all but one of these flavors:

Note, they moved from their earlier Shidan Road location. I had a hard time finding it as I was given the old address. Give the shop a call if you have any difficulty finding the place. Both husband and wife speak English. They were a lot of foreigners and students in the area as there is a university nearby. Hope the information below helps.

The shop sign along with road signs:

Shop: Dancing Cows Ice Cream (搖滾牛冰淇淋)

Address (地址):
No. 66, Longquan St., Daan District, Taipei City
Lóngquán Jiē, liùshíliù Hào, Dà'ān Qū, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): 0932 335 307 (+886 932335307)
URL (網址):
Operation Hours (營業時間): open till 11 pm (Sun-Thu) and 12 am (Fri & Sat).

Shida Road Night Market (師大路夜市/Shīdà Lù Yè Shì)

MRT (捷運/Jiéyùn) Directions:
Take the green MRT line (Danshui-Xindian line; 淡水/Dànshuǐ - 新店/Xīndiàn) to Taipower Building Station (台電大樓站/Tái-Diàn Dàlóu Zhàn), take Exit 3, and walk north along Shida Road. Turn right at Yunhe St. (雲和街/Yúnhé Jiē).

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