Thursday, July 24, 2008

Queuing for Japanese food

It is 5 pm and a fellow foodie runs to my desk and asks if I want to try a popular Japanese place for dinner. How could I resist? Turns out a long queue forms due to it's popularity. The only way to beat the queue was to get there earlier.

Shop front with no queue:

All the food we had were of good quality. I particularly loved the squid as it was cooked to perfection! The other highlight was the miso soup. It had a unique and almost alcohol like taste to it. Go early if you want to avoid queuing.

Everyone had the eel rice / My favorite dish for the night:

Other popular dishes:

More photos at another blog. You can see how long the queue can get!

Shop name (店名): 肥前屋//Féi qián wū

Address (地址):
No. 13-2 Zhongshan North Road, Sec. 1, Lane 121, Taipei City
Zhōngshān Běi Lù, yī Duàn, yīèryī Xiàng, shísān Hào Zhī èr, yī Lóu, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): (02) 2562-8701 or 2561-7859 (fax: 2541-1768)
URL (網址): n/a
Menu (菜單): Chinese
Operation Hours (營業時間):
Lunch (午餐): 11:30~14:30
Dinner (晚餐): 17:30~21:00

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