Saturday, September 20, 2008

Japanese food in Tokyo

I was in Tokyo, Japan recently and tried some local food. I love eating Japanese food and had to try what it was like in Japan. I went to this one place in the Shinjuku area. It was on the 5th floor of some building:

I ordered some dishes I love to eat:

Shishamo - grilled over charcoal giving it a wonderful fragrance:

Beef in a hot plate - lightly seared tender pieces of beef that just melt in your mouth!:

Mixed sashimi - fresh raw seafood...what more can I say?:

Very fresh fish:

What is left of the fish:

Cool and refreshing dessert:

What was surprising was the fish was still moving while it was served! My guess was they wanted us to know how fresh the fish meat was. They catch the fish from a tank, cut the meat off and serve it. If I had know this is what was being served I would not have ordered it.

I wish I had a chance to try more of the local food. Maybe next time I will find a local who can suggest some of the best food around Tokyo.

Long break

It has been a while since my last entry. I was keeping busy but managed to try some new food. I will post some entries about these new places. Thanks for your support!