Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Fresh

This is a place that I visited a number of times since living in Taipei. I refer to this place as the grandma & grandpa dessert shop. Take a look at their web site below and you will see why.

Ice cold desserts are popular in summer. Meet Fresh (鮮芋仙/Xiān yù xiān) has a large selection of desserts and drinks. I normally go for the herbal (or grass) jelly ice desserts. There are English names for some of the desserts but I find it easier to order by number as there are too many ingredients to list out.

The jelly is consistently nice and the flavors of the ingredient mix work really well together. A cool combination of cold and sweet. There are many outlets around Taipei so give it a try.

Restaurant review link

Shop name (店名): Meet Fresh (鮮芋仙/Xiān yù xiān)
Address (地址): Refer to URL below.
Telephone (地址): Refer to URL below.
URL (網址):
Menu (菜單): Chinese (English menu available on the countertop)
Operation Hours (營業時間): Refer to URL above.

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