Monday, August 4, 2008

Bravo Burger - The Quest for the Best Burger

It's a wonderful feeling to satisfy a craving. That's exactly what happened over the weekend. Satisfying a burger craving!

"The Quest for the Best Burger" is what Bravo Burger states on their menu. I found this place a couple of weeks back while looking to buy some batteries. There was a distinct burger smell as I walked by the restaurant. When I saw empty cans of Dr. Pepper, root beer and Mountain Dew I had to find out more. The was a menu posted outside but the owner was kind to give me a copy of the menu along with the business card attached. What service! I knew I had to go back and give it a try.

I had the "Mexico hot spicy cheese burger" which was really juicy and pretty hot. If you love jalapeno peppers this is a must try. A great combination of beef, lettuce, onion, tomato, jack cheese jalapeno sauce and, of course, pickles! Each table has ketchup and mustard bottles for you to decorate your burger. You have a choice of French fries, wedge cut fries or tortilla chips. The burgers range in price from NT$180 to NT$280 (for their Jumbo!!). So far this is the best value for money that I found.

"Mexico hot spicy cheese burger"


I washed everything down with my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper. They have some drinks that bottomless for an additional NT$10. They have a few brands of beer in case you you need a beer and burger.

You should either go early or make a reservation as there is limited seating.

I could not find a URL for the shop but here are some blog (in Chinese) links:

blog link 1
blog link 2

Shop name (店名): Bravo Burger (發福廚房)

Address (地址):
No. 2 Minquan East Rd., Sec. 3, Lane 140, Taipei City
Mínquán Dōng Lù, sān Duàn, yìsìlíng Xiàng, èr Hào, Táiběi Shì

Telephone (地址): (02) 2713-5923
URL (網址): n/a
Menu (菜單): English & Chinese
Operation Hours (營業時間): 11:30 am - 9:30 pm

MRT (捷運/Jiéyùn) Directions:
Take the brown MRT line (Muzha line; 木柵站/Mùzhà) to Zhongshan Junior High School (中山國中站/Zhōngshān Guózhōng). Exit, turn left and walk towards Minquan East Rd. At the main intersection turn right and cross the road (heading east) and walk till you pass the Watson's store.

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